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N2® Intelligent Nail MicroChip (3 Chip)

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Fashion Meets Technology! The N2 Smart Nail Set has three different built-in models that have different functions. The N2M nail gadget will scan and copy to become any inductive IC card ( Travel, Parking, Shopping, Elevator, Office Access Card ). The N2F smart nail will connect to a smartphone through the NFC, this will enable the N2 to run a wide variety of functions and the N2L smart nail will display a light when it is close proximity of a high-frequency signal. The N2 has been designed with medical-level material, ensuring you are safe while using the nail sets.

The N2 Smart Nail Set includes three models that have different functions and characteristics. The N2M smart nail can copy and simulate to become any inductive IC card, the N2F smart nail can connect with phone via NFC to run a wide variety of function, and the N2L smart nail will twinkle when it near any high-frequency signal. They are made of medical-level material, safe and non-toxic. They waterproof and easy to install. With these smart nails, you will live a smart life and become trendsetting woman.

Three Models in One Set

This set includes three models of smart nail - N2M, N2F and N2L, every model has distinctive function and characteristics.


The N2M smart nail has a built-in microchip that made by Nano technology, it can copy and simulate to become any inductive IC card, such as Access Control Card, Parking Card, Shopping Card, Membership Card, Travel Card, Access Token and more.


The N2F smart nail has a built-in new NFC chip of N X P Semiconductors, with exclusive Application, so it can run a wide variety of function. For example, you can use N2F to be the only way to view or edit your private note, use N2F to quick start any function of your Phone , etc.


The N2L smart nail is the second generation of LED nail tip, and it can let your nail Twinkle when it near any high-frequency signal such as bus card signal, metro card signal, access control card signal, etc.

Waterproof with Guaranteed Safety

The smart nails have high waterproof rating, and all materials are medical level, tasteless, non-toxic and no radiation.

Easy to Use with Wide Compatibility

Reusable and No Re-charge required, compatible with all kinds of nail and fit for any style.

Installation Instruction

1. Select the appropriate finger for installation.
2. Select a piece of nail tip suitable for the nail size.
3. Determine the location where the nail tip fits the chip, and apply appropriate amount of glue.
4. Paste the chip on the corresponding position of nail tip, please notice that nail tip should be glued with chip’s obverse side (surface with a protrusion).
5. Take another piece of nail tip with similar size, place it on the chip.
6. Apply glue evenly to the contact surface between nail tip and nail.
7. When the glue becomes ropy, place the nail tip on the surface of the nail, and keep pressing for a period of time.
8. After the nail tip and nail are firmly glued, you can trim the nail tips and apply nail polish or do other operations according to your different needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q :  Do I need to know programming to configure the chips?
A :  No. The N2M chip can be configured in seconds by Office/Card Issuer Counter. It works with most of the Travel, Shopping, Access Cards. The N2F Chip can be configured through the Playstore Application. The N2L Chip is preconfigured. And the best part is.. the possibilities of applications are endless, means you can sync it in with any new gen NFC or IC technologies.

Q: Is the chips Water Proof ?
A: Yes the chips are 100% Water Proof.

Q: Will it fit my nails ?
A : Yes. The chip itself is smaller than normal nail sizes. It comes with a Chip Cover which stick on top of the chip/nails.You can trim it to your nail size.

Q: What if I change my access card/travel card/shopping card?
A: The Chip can be set/reset to any IC/NFC functions at any point of time (In Seconds)

Q: Can I Apply nail polish over it ?
A: Yes, You can Apply nail polish over it. The chip wouldn't be visible.

Q: Do I need to recharge the chip?
A: No.The chip technology is so advanced, that it doesn't need a recharge. It operates in low power.

Q: Is it harmful ?
A : No. The frequency is so minute that it is just 1/8000th the power of a Wifi Signal. 

Q: Can I remove it and place it again ?
A : Yes. You can remove it anytime. Reconfigure it ( if you need to change the function ) and place it back in any nail. Each chip comes with covers of multiple sizes. You can even trim the cover if necessary.

Q: Do I need a professional to install it on my nails.
A : No. Simply follow the instructions above to install it.

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