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LED Knitting Needles

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Perfect for dark colored yarn or when you just need more light whilst knitting.

Knitting has never been more fun than with Knitting Lights! Easy to use and perfect for dark yarns. Knit are battery operated with a simple on/off switch. Batteries included.

These handy hooks have the following sizes:
6 = 4.25mm, 7 = 4.5mm, 8 = 5.0mm, 9 = 5.5mm, 
10 = 6.0mm, 10.5 = 6.5mm, 11 = 8.0mm, 13 = 9.0mm, 15 = 10.0mm

And as Knitters, we both know working with dark colored yarn or thread can be a nightmare.

Dark yarns make finding loops and making stitches almost impossible. Staring at dark yarn all day makes you feel like you’re going to go blind! It makes for frustratingly slow knitting. Your project can last FOREVER… It’s almost not worth the time and effort.

But now with the sunshine-bright LED lights and precision needles, you can knit effortlessly and see clearly with even the darkest yarn.

The light up high strength, durable needles contrast brightly against dark yarns, making for fast, accurate knitting.


  • High-powered LED lights
  • Durable plastic - built to last
  • Battery powered (batteries included)
  • Easy-to-use one/off controls

With these amazing Knitting Lite Up Needles, you’ll never have to stop or slow down again because of bad light or dark yarns/threads.

Speed through your knitting in a fraction of the time, creating more beautiful knitted designs for friends, family or keep them all to yourself. 

Note : Please Allow 1-2 weeks for Delivery.